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We believe that smelling great shouldn't come at a price, which is why we've developed our own perfume dupes of some of the worlds most popular fragrances. Whether its the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540 or Aventus we've got the signature scent for you at an affordable price.

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Georgia Sherman

Perfume Dupes Specialist

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Sandalwood is an alluring and sophisticated fragrance. Valued for its woody composition, it is evocative of the Orient and has an intensity that can be both exotic and comforting.


In modern fragrancelavender is lightly used in 'feminine' scents, although it turns up in plenty of 'shared' colognes and men's fragrances


A woody evergreen, rosemary has super-fragrant needle-like leaves, and white, purple, blue or pink flowers, depending on the variety.


Jasmine and rose are the two 'foundation stones' of perfumery. ... Jasmine gives a richness and intensity to fragrances.


Chocolate is real, it smells so fantastic that its taste cannot give me as much pleasure as I get from its aroma.


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